Gradually but consistently, Windows mobile apps are sustaining its market share in the world. Opting for windows mobile app development enables to target a different group of audience who cannot be targeted using mobile apps developed for other popular OS. Windows mobile technology provides vast opportunities as it enables to connect various other Windows services too. We cater all sized organisations with customised Windows applications that can be used effectively in the competitive market.

Penta Techsoft Solution is a leading Windows app development company based in India and UK and we help businesses to utilize the power and usability of apps developed for Windows operating system. Our expert technical team includes proficient Windows app developers who crafts innovative and effective Windows mobile apps exactly as per the requirements of our customers and their business needs.

Our windows app development services provide all windows software based solution for various businesses from different industry verticals. We offer all our mobile app development services in a very competitive and reasonable price range. To get your Windows app idea developed into reality, send your enquiry today and get our free Quotation.

Our Vision

Penta Techsoft Solution wants to enhance its presence in Digital Marketing, which is one of the most happening wings of marketing. Digital Marketing is here to stay and is compatible for promoting any business model across various sectors. Penta Techsoft Solution has ambitious plans for the next two years to achieve this goal. We elevate our vision every year and strive hard to accomplish the same. We set ambitious and formidable goals periodically and ensure to meet them. We compete with ourselves and hence achieve our goals successfully.

Our Mission

We take pride in realising our vision and this is our mission. We are there everywhere to stay on top and to assist our clients to accomplish their business goals. We mean serious business and go all out it in attaining our goals. Expertise in latest technologies, dedicated & enthusiastic work force, start-of- the-art infrastructure, cost effective services & solutions, etc., makes Penta Techsoft Solution stand out in the competitive market today. Our clients and business partners are our testimonials.

Our Promise

For the past many years, Penta Techsoft Solution has worked with multiple clients operating in various nations across Europe, Asia and USA. Our clients reach us with diverse requirements and we serve them without compromising on quality, integrity, accountability, receptiveness and dedication. Penta Techsoft Solution always stays at the helm of affairs when need arises for clients at any given point of time. Our Clients are our priority and it is our promise to them that, we are with them always regardless of the time and circumstances. We value our Clients and Partners and hence believe in giving complete support to them.

Testing Consultant

A Project or Product can never reach the stage of closure until it passes through the phases of Testing and Validation.

Penta Techsoft Solution has a dedicated team of testers who are well equipped in the types of Testing like Functional Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Alpha Testing, and Beta Testing.

We are experienced in offering Application Testing Services for Mobile Apps as well. For any application whether developed at our development centre or developed by a third party, we offer complete testing services to ensure successful completion and launch of the apps or products.